We a professional of Freezing, defrost and Bluefin Tuna distribution

We are specialist in Bluefin Tuna business. Also we are working with freezing and defrost machines

What we do

Import and Export products

We are importing and exporting high quality foods. Mainly Bluefin Tuna fish from Spain and also distributing Japanese Wagyu. Also we are dedicating to export centenary olive trees to around the world

Supercooling Magic

We are distributor of Supercooling Magic freezer which is open the new cooking-era www.supecoolingmagic.com<

EPS Tuna Box distribution

One of the most important thing for Bluefin Tuna transportation is a Box. Even fresh or frozen, Bluefin Tuna needs a high density EPS Box to be shipped in order to avoid any quality problem at destination.

Consulting Fish Business

We are in contact with major sushi machinery manufacturer and raw material suppliers.