For ensure the transportation and cool-traceability we recommend use EPS Box. Our Box are used since 2000 for many Tuna Companies for international transportation mainly to Japan Market and US Market. Our suppliers trust in this Box because of high density EPS that allows up tp 300kg weight, adapted for Air-transportation (Airplane) and incorporates "pallet foot" for forklifts.
• The boxes are stackable with each other.
• Incorporates pallet.
• These boxes are 100% ecological and recyclable.
• Are sanitary allowed.
• The weight of a box of these features is less than if it were made with other materials such as cardboard or wood.
• They are very resistant boxes.
• The boxes are isothermal.
• They are the only cases in the world of this size made with this material.
K-54 03(A) ALTA
LxWxH - 1820x770x770mm (1700x630x520)
K-54 03(B) BAJA
LxWxH - 1820x770x650mm (1700x630x410)