Frozen Bluefin Tuna

The highest quality frozen bluefin Tuna is possible with Us. We have over 30 years experience offering frozen bluefin Tuna to around the world.

Fresh Blufin Tuna

We have a long experience offering Fresh Bluefin Tuna. Our traceability for keeping the bluefin meat fresh is secured by professionals. We can deliver in any part of the globe within 48h.


The MAGIQUOAL Super Cooling, using state of the art technology, is the world's first to successfully achieve a stable, super-cooled state. Click the image and watch de demonstration!

Proton Freezer

The “Proton Freezer” is a revolutionary hybrid freezer that combines an environment of evenly distributed electromagnetic waves and cold air. You can achieve highest quality frozen product.

Kaitoki Defrost Machine

By using low temperature vapor, dripping is limited and food can be returned to its previous quality. From 20 kg up to 10Tn Capacity.

EPS Tuna Box

We are offering EPS high density Tuna Box for major Fish companies for Exportation. The Box is adapted with air freight regulation.

Chiringuito (YATAI)

We are only one supplier for "Japanese Chiringuito" (YATAI - 屋台) . This is 100% hand made and we can change the color or add any modification for your application.

Japanese Tableware

We have more than 300 different type of high quality of Japanese tableware, with certification.